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Welcome to CryoCrafts's Rules Page!
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Useful links:

1. Follow Discord's TOS

 Click Here To View Discord's Terms Of Serivce

 Click Here To View Discord's Guidelines


2. Be respectful with all members

Be respectful to others , No death threats, sexism, hate speech, racism (NO N WORD, this includes soft N)

No doxxing, swatting, witch hunting


3. No Advertising

Includes DM Advertising. We do not allow advertising here of any kind.


4. No NSFW content

Anything involving gore or sexual content is not allowed.

NSFW = Not Safe for Work


5. No spamming in text or VC

Do not spam messages, soundboards, voice changers, or earrape in any channel.


6. Do not discuss about sensitive topics

This isn't a debating server, keep sensitive topics out of here so we don't have a ton of nasty arguments.


7. No malicious content

No phishing links, viruses, crash videos, links to viruses, or token grabbers. These will result in an automated ban.


8. No Self Bots

Includes all kinds of selfbots: Nitro snipers, selfbots like nighty, auto changing statuses


9. Do not DM the CryoCraft Staff Team

Instead, open a ticket in our Discord.


10. Profile Picture / Banner Rules

No NSFW allowed

No Racism

No Brightly flashing gifs/videos to induce an epileptic attack


11. Emoji Rules

No NSFW allowed

No Racism

No Brightly flashing gifs/videos to induce an epileptic attack


12. Use English only

We cannot easily moderate chats in different languages, sorry. English only.

1. Cheating/Exploting/Duping

Cheating in any form is not allowed. Anything that is considered to give you an unfair advantage over other players is considered cheating. Duping of any form is also strictly prohibited, if you discover a dupe please report them here or open a ticket in our discord server immediately and you may get rewarded.


2. Griefing

You are allowed to grief players bases but you are not allowed to create large obstructions near the spawn area that prevent new players for leaving spawn (lava casts, large walls, exploded areas etc).


3. Lag Machines

Any attempt to reduce the the servers performance(tps) will result in an immediate ban.


4. Racism/Discrimination

We do not tolerate any form of racism or discrimination towards other players, although we have chat filters in place if you are caught bypassing them then you will get punished.


5. Threats

Threatening to or actively doxing, DDOSing, harassing or blackmailing others, sharing personal information, or sending malicious links will result in an immediate ban.


6. Advertisements

Advertising third-party websites, servers, social media, or giveaways may result in a punishment.


Please note that not all rules are shown above so you may need to use your own common sense to figure out what is the right and wrong thing to do.