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CryoCraft Launch Day
1 minute read

After several months of building and perfecting CryoCraft we are pleased to announce that we have a confirmed release date of 29 December 2022 at 17:00 GMT! We will be releasing with two game modes (Many more to come after release): 

  • Vanilla Survival The classic survival mode with no extras or modifications.
  • Survival+ Survival mode with added features; An economy system, quests, crates, skill leveling and so much more!

For anyone wondering about creative mode, there is no need to worry. We plan to release it within a days after release because we wanted to release it now before the new year.  


Want to get a head start before everyone else? Introducing Invite Rewards, where for every time you invite a friend, you'll receive £0.10 store credit!

Open a ticket in our discord server to claim.

It would be greatly appreciated if you voted for our server on the following voting sites (In game voting rewards begin on server release)

Click here to vote on MinecraftServers.org

Click here to vote on PlanetMinecraft.com


We hope to see you there!

-redd and the CryoCraft Staff